Did you miss the forums at NEAR-Fest XXX?

You can watch them on YouTube HERE


Gone but not forgotten. Gardi, KA1BTK/SK

Tower Safety and Non-Profit Club Status forums from NEAR-Fest XXVI


NEAR-Fest XXVI October 2019 Ham Jam

NEAR-Fest XXV MAY 2019




NEAR-Fest XXII October 2017


NEAR-Fest XX October 2016


NEAR-Fest XIX April 2016


NEAR-Fest XVIII October 2015


NEAR-Fest XVII May 2015


NEAR-Fest XVI October 2014


NEAR-Fest XV May 2014


NEAR-Fest XIV October 2013


NEAR-Fest XIII May 2013


NEAR-Fest XII October 2012



NEAR-Fest XI May 2012



NEAR-Fest X October 2011



NEAR-Fest IX April 2011


NEAR-Fest VIII October 2010


NEAR-Fest VII May 2010



NEAR-Fest VI October 2009



NEAR-Fest V May 2009



NEAR-Fest IV October 2008



Burt, K1OIK, is the official NEAR-Fest videographer. These are great chronicles of what transpired at NEAR-Fests IV through the latest one. We feel that he has captured the spirit of what makes our regional New England/Eastern Canadian hamfester so unique and wonderful. I hope you will be able to join us in person some day but until you do you may enjoy our virtual hamfest any time it suits you to do so.

There are lots of wonderful memories for those who were there and plenty of reasons you should be there next time if you weren't.

Burt has created many interesting (and some controversial) videos which are available for viewing on YouTube.com. Opinions expressed by K1OIK do not necessarily reflect the views of NEAR-Fest, its management, staff or anyone else for that matter except him. They are his and his alone but he, like everyone else, is entitled to his opinions which he freely expresses. We thank Burt for his talent and artistry in chronicling each NEAR-Fest for posterity. It was our singular honor and pleasure to present K1OIK with a lifetime pass to our event and look forward to many more wonderful videos of our hamfester.

It's great stuff! Enjoy!


MisterMike, W1RC

NEAR-Fest Benevolent Dictator