There are two platforms which can be used to view NEAR-Fest content on line: Zoom and YouTube Stream. Zoom will allow you direct access to the presentations. You can see the other participants as well as the presenter. You will have the opportunity to ask questions either live, or via chat, but only if the presenter is taking questions.

To use Zoom, you will need to go to their web site ZOOM.US, sign up for a free account and install their application on your computer. It is small program, and is safe. You will then be able to hold your own Zoom meetings, but these are limited to 40 minutes with a free account. You should then test Zoom with someone else to make sure your video and audio is working.

Zoom can also be installed on an Android or iPhone device, including tablets. The app can be found in the App store for your device.

Click here to access Zoom link

Meeting ID:924 2945 6677
Passcode: 463636

YouTube stream will provide indirect access. The content gets ported from Zoom to YouTube and you can watch the show from their web site. There generally is a 1-2 minute delay. You will not be able to ask live questions from YouTube. You will not have to download anything. You simply go to the NEAR-Fest YouTube channel which will be posted here during the fest and watch the video directly. The video on YouTube is saved and you will be able to access that after NEAR-Fest.

NEAR-Fest Forum YouTube channel can be found HERE